Sexual Health Week 2020 – 10 Accounts to Follow

It’s Sexual Health Week!

This year Brook is celebrating the introduction of mandatory Relationships and Sex Education (or RSE) in schools.

Let’s hope the kids in school today don’t take this amazing achievement for granted, it’s a well needed addition to the curriculum, and so many clueless teens will be more equipped for the world ahead because of it.

But I couldn’t help thinking…what about clueless adults?

Most of us never received Sex Education, or if we did, it was the shy teacher putting a condom on a banana and then calling it quits out of embarrassment.  Although we did end up learning about the birds and the bees in the end, either from gossip on the playground or awkward parental conversations, there are many things today that are still taboo for us to discuss – even though it’s all normal!

Topics such as masturbation, sex toys, discharge, periods, porn, oral, foreplay…(I could go on) are still seen as unmentionable and usually elicit mixed, sometimes even disgusted, reactions.

So for those that aren’t in school but still need educating, have burning sex questions or just want to feel less alone and more comfortable, below is a list of 10 incredible sex-positive accounts on Instagram to follow and support, during the week where they’ll shine most. 

Ranging from casting artists and illustrators, to podcasters, educators and writers, there are undoubtedly thousands of people I could have included, but these are just my personal favourites.

No description available.


(The handle alone is worth following for).

@cliterallythebest is run by two girls, Kayleigh and Evie, who chat about Sex Education and Self Love on their ‘cliterally awesome podcast’, and feature adorable sex positive artwork by co-creator @youareawesome_co on their feed.

Their podcast is new, but is fresh and welcoming, and akin to just chilling out with two of your friends. They discuss topics like porn, sex toys, and first times – and host guests each week.

Well worth the listen to for people that want a more relaxed and chatty approach to sex talk.

No description available.


Lydia, based in Brighton, is a female body casting artist and wow, is she good at it.

(If you don’t know what a body casting artist is, go check her account and you’ll know soon enough.)

She makes beautiful pieces from not just pictures or memory, but real-life women and real-life vulvas! Not to mention stunning breast and bum casts in every shape, size and variation.

Lydia works hard making the female body into what it is, but is rarely seen as: art. And it’s working, with each piece she creates she normalises seeing genitalia (your own and others!) as beautiful and most importantly, normal no matter what it looks like.

No description available.


Sam is a queer and polyamorous ‘proud vulva owner’, who works to break the stigma of polyamorous relationships and sex. She fills her feed with sex-positive illustrations, kindness, tips, inspirational captions and most recently, the Polyam FUNdamentals.

She also sells these fundamentals as activity sheets – available to buy with the link in her bio – for anyone that needs to learn more about boundaries within polyam relationships, or just the ‘beginners essentials’.

Sam also conducts peer-support sessions for those that wish to chat about love, queerness, relationships and sex in a safe space.

Amazing content for those that want to learn about the types of relationships that aren’t usually featured in mainstream media.

No description available.


A @Brook_sexpositive ambassador and sex educator, Ruby is an all-round positive and open person, and a self-confessed jelly enthusiast.

Her feed is a flood of bright colours, underwear pics, illustrations of naked women and sex toys galore, and is the ray of sunshine the discussion on sex has always needed.

She never shies away from anything sexual and has established a judge-free safe-haven for her 49k followers, with frequent Q and As and sex ed videos, welcome to anyone and everyone.

She also created @bodylovesketchclub for people to take part in online sexy life drawings, and even has her own book, ‘Sex Ed: A Guide for Adults’

No description available.


A LGBTQ+ presenter and illustrator, Venus has made a name for herself with a growing YouTube channel with a ‘Private parts’ series, discussions on sex, endometriosis, and sex toy reviews.

Not only that, but she also sells sex toy and genitalia jewellery that is sure to serve as a statement piece and start some delightfully awkward conversations at family parties.

No description available.


Gabby is a polyamorous, sex positive digital creator who has written about sex for Elle USA, Men’s Health, Bitch Media and more.

She creates content for a sex toy company – @honeyadultplay – and frequently makes TikToks on the subject too, discussing and normalising sex toys for yourself, or in any type of relationship.

I love the way she uses humour to talk about these taboo topics, being able to laugh and joke about a sometimes-embarrassing subject like sex makes it so much more accessible and easy for people to get on board with.

Her TikTok is also @gabalexa for those who want to check it out.

No description available.


An education website all for sexual empowerment and body positivity, ran by @sydharris47.

They post sexy art, cute illustrations, detailed diagrams of genitals and a ton of information on condoms, foreplay, sex toys and more.

Sydney also has their own blog filled with illuminating essays and articles such as “Stop faking it, start demanding it”, and boasts an impressive MEd in human sexuality – so they know what they’re talking about!

No description available.


An sex educator who is ‘redefining sex-ed’ , Rukiat (pronounced ru-kai-ya) creates written and digital sex content that blends seamlessly into her aesthetically pleasing feed.

She regularly discusses the matters about sex and the human body that people often get wrong or don’t know the whole truth on: The smell of genitals, orgasms, herpes, and discharge.  

As well as her contribution to destigmatising these sensitive topics, Rukiat also recently won ‘micro-influencer of the year’ in the 2020 Sexual Health Awards.

No description available.


“We cum in peace, so should you.”

@Nakedgrapefuitt is a website teaming with articles on everything you would need to know when it comes to sex: Sexual health, feminism, porn, sex toys, etc.

What has made them so popular is their ability to bring entertainment to sex education, they discuss things in a chilled, fun and witty way, making it less of an awkward conversation and more of a chat with a friend.

They also sell a sex toy bundle on their website with everything you need to, well…cum in peace.

No description available.


Hannah is a creator, illustrator, author, podcaster and YouTuber (brilliant multi-tasker alert).

Her brilliant podcast, @doingitpodcast, and book of the same name candidly talk about and openly explore topics like masturbation, slut-shaming, porn, consent, healthy relationships and body positivity. Her YouTube channel is a safe space for sex education, with the most recent video all about sexual desire. And her second book, The Hormone Diaries, is a must read those who menstruate, as it beautifully normalises the conversation surrounding periods and contraception and is filled with period stories from regular people.

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