REVIEW: Women Don’t Owe You Pretty – Florence Given

This book simply demands a power pose.

Most recent reviews of this book are women saying they wish they could have read it when they were younger, and I wholeheartedly agree.

It’s a masterpiece of feminism that simultaneously makes you feel perfect just as you are whilst also making you question everything about yourself. It serves as a necessary slap in the face for anyone -not just us girls- that needs it (spoiler alert: we all need it).

Florence discusses in depth her own journey that made her who she is today, a tale of constantly shedding skin and evolving into a better version of herself with each lesson learned – and invites you to embark on the same journey. The best thing is, she manages to make this invite sound almost irresistible. Each quotable line (which is practically all of them) and stunning illustration has you ready and willing at any second to burn your bra, bin your razor, say ‘fuck you’ to the patriarchy and dance naked in a mirror to Fleetwood Mac.

One of the many illustrations from Floss that gets straight to the point

But this isn’t just any empowered self-help book, this is Florence Given’s version. Therefore, you can be damn sure that whilst one page has you feeling thrilled to be a feminist, the next will hit hard (in the best way). Floss doesn’t just cover the easy and ‘cutesy’ topics that we are saturated with in the stereotypical feminist movements, she saw her chance to speak the fuck up and took it.

WDOYP delves deep into to the tougher topics such as privilege, rape culture, internalised misogyny, accountability and the politics of preference, and in doing so, forces us to look inwards on ourselves at how we’ve been unwillingly sculpted by society.

Thankfully, it then also gives us the insight into how to break free from the one-size-fits-all mould we have all been crushed into in order to fit in.

Buy this book. Prepare to get uncomfortable. Be willing to learn.

Oh, and…dump him.

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